How to create content for products, categories and blog

How to write attractive descriptions for products, categories and blogs

Let's take a look at how to create attractive content for product and category descriptions as well as blog articles.

Creating the first product description

The process of creating content is the same for products, categories and blog articles as well as shared descriptions.

Let's create the first product description. On the product overview page, click the green button Create content and that will open up in the editor. 

In the editor, you will see the original product description from the e-shop in the middle (after loading the product for the first time). 

This description can be removed or used as a source of information for creating new content. On the right side we can see the list of widgets that we can use for creating content. You can choose between images, galleries, YouTube videos, icons, FAQs or images with short text.

Adding widgets with content 

Now we'll try to create a product description that is composed of two images and text on the right side and the left side of the image. From the list, choose the widget with image on the left & text on the right and drag it into the content page.

Then insert the second widget with the photo on the right and the text on the left, fill in the text and click the Select photo button. A modal window where we can choose the photo and insert it into the widget will appear.

Deleting and moving widgets

In case you want to delete the widget, click on the trashcan icon on the right side of the editor and confirm the deletion. If we want to move the widget and change its position, click and hold the green icon and move the widget to the desired location.

Text editor

Pobo Page Builder uses the wysiwyg editor, in which you can add second and third level heading, paragraph, table, numbered / bulleted list, button or link. You can edit the text format - e.g. bold, italics, change alignment or color.

To format your text, select a button in the top panel - when you hover over the icon, a tooltip appears for easy navigation.

Working with images and icons

After clicking on the camera icon, a modal window appears in which we can work with images and icons. The main features offered by Pobo Page Builder are:

  1. Upload new product photos (allowed formats are PNG, JPG and JPEG)
  2. Download product images from the e-shop to Pobo Page Builder
  3. Choose one of 350+ pre-made SVG icons
  4. Choose one of the 5 000 000+ photos in photo bank
  5. Cut photo (only for JPEG and JPG formats)
  6. Delete photo (photo will not be deleted from descriptions, only from the photo overview)
  7. Insert photo or icon into widget

Below the photo thumbnails, the image format is displayed. You can also select the size of the image which you want to insert into the widget - you can choose to view the photo in a higher resolution. In addition, you can crop the photo - useful feature if you need to create a close-up (cutout) or want to erase white space around the photo.

Cropping images

Cropping photos is useful, for example, to delete white space around a photo or create a detailed cutout. If you want to crop a photo, click on the scissors icon, then select the cutout and save. The cropped image will then be displayed in the photo listing.

Adding YouTube videos

To add a YouTube video, you can use pre-made widgets. Select a widget and insert it into the content page, then click the button to select a video - a modal window with the option to insert a link from YouTube will appear.

Creating text with artificial intelligence 

When you don't have enough content for a product description, artificial intelligence can help you create it. This feature allows us to create, with minimum information, several variations of a text that we can use in the product description.

Clicking the button Create text with AI opens a modal window. Pobo Page Builder will pre-fill in the product name and a short description. When you click on the green button Create text with AI, the editor will give you a list of text variations.

Favorite widgets

Favorite widgets is a feature in Pobo Page Builder that allows you to save widgets with content to use them later without having to type text, upload an image, icon or video again. A widget added to favorites can be used in product, category or blog descriptions.

Add a widget to favorites by clicking on the heart icon in the editor. A modal window will then open in which we type the name of the favorite widget (we recommend choosing a clear name).

Widgets saved in favorites can be found in the Favorites tab, where we can also delete them if we don't use them.

Content translations (multilang)

Pobo Page Builder allows easy translations of created product descriptions, blog posts and shared descriptions. When creating content, you can see flags in the right column in the editor, which can be used to switch the content into a given language. You don't have to add the widgets again and rewrite text - all content you created will be translated. 

Important information about translations

Shoptet will implement translations of products into the API (the interface through which Pobo communicates with your e-shop) during Q2/Q3 2022. For this reason, translations for products cannot be saved in your e-shop yet, however, you can prepare them in Pobo Page Builder and after the implementation into the API, your translations will be exported into the e-shop.

Copying product descriptions

You can copy product description from one product to others. To copy the product description, click the Copy product descriptions button in the top menu. A tab will open where you can select the products. Finally, click the Copy content button. This will copy the description to selected products.

Live preview

Live preview is a very useful feature that allows you to view the product description on the e-shop in one click. To use the live preview feature, click the button Live preview in the top menu. The product description from Pobo Page Builder will open in a new tab.

Product name and short description

In addition to detailed descriptions, Pobo Page Builder allows you to change the product name and the short description. If you want to edit this information, click on Short description button in the top tab, which will open a form with the option to change the short description and product name.

Important InformationThe short description and product name can only be edited if the export setting is set to "Export long descriptions including product name and short description" in export settings. If the export is set to long description only, the product name and short description will always be updated to Pobo Page Builder from the e-shop.