How to create and use shared descriptions with Pobo Page Builder

Shared content

Shared labels for multiple products in one place. They are ideal for when you don't want to waste time copying or retyping labels.

What are Shared content

Using Shared Captions, you can create a set of widgets with custom text, images or icons that create captions and attach them in bulk to products. Shared labels then appear below the classic product label, so you don't have to laboriously type them in for every product.

Shared labels are edited in one place If you decide to edit the information for all product labels, you can do it in a few clicks.

What to use shared labels for

Shared labels are ideal when you need to add identical content to a group of products - typically free shipping, personal collection, warranty or other USPs. We recommend (with respect to SEO and duplicate content) not to use shared labels instead of traditional labels.

Create the first shared label

In Pobo Page Builder, click on Share labels in the menu, then click on the green "Create shared label for products" button. Then in the modal window, type the name of the shared label and click "Save and close". With this step we have created the shared label, in the next step we will show how to create the content.

Creating Shared Label Content

Now we'll show you how to create a label for multiple products. With the shared label created, click on "Edit Labels".

In the modal window, drag the widget from the right part to the left part (similar to moving folders) and fill in the contents. The widgets are divided into groups - you can add images, icons, YouTube videos, galleries and expansion FAQs. For text, you can choose second- and third-level headings, bolding, italics, or alignment. It is also possible to insert bullet points as well as numbered lists, tables or buttons.

Adding products to the shared label

Finally, you need to add products to the shared label. On the overview we click on the "Add products" button, then a modal window will open in which we can add the shared label between the products.

The shared label will always appear below the classic product description. Once we have added the products, we need to start the export in the Products tab.

Is it possible to combine classic labels in Pobo Page Builder with shared ones?

Yes, shared labels are automatically appended to the classic label and appear at the end of the normal label.