Tariffs and prices of Pobo Page Builder

Choose the right tariff for your e-shop

Pricing START    
Forever FREE
29 $
price per month
49 $
price per month
Count product, blog post and category Includes only edited products, articles and categories
10 products
5 categories
5 posts
100 products
10 categories
10 posts
Unlimited products
Unlimited categories
Unlimited posts
Content for products, categories and blog with analytics Create beautiful content using pre-made widgets Yes Yes Yes
Shared labels Central accompanying label created from one place Yes Yes Yes
Optimized images and 250+ SVG icons WebP image formats for fast loading with lazyload and SVG icon database Yes Yes Yes
Label design creation (Designer) Without knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can create a label design by clicking Yes Yes Yes
Creating a product description with artificial intelligence widgets (ChatGPT) If you don't have inspiration for content, artificial intelligence will help you suggest it Yes Yes Yes
VS Code in the browser for writing CSS and SCSS Integrated favorite IDE editor where you can write your own CSS and SCSS Yes Yes Yes
Popular products, categories, articles and widgets You can add widgets and items to favorites for quick editing and quick searching Yes Yes Yes
Copying products content You can easily copy labels to other products Yes Yes Yes
Smart aspect ratio photo cropping From photos, you can create a cutout or easily remove the part you don't want to use Yes Yes Yes
Adding collaborators and switching between e-shops Managing external accounts - e.g. copywriters, part-timers, or agency contractors Yes Yes Yes
Shared labels by category Product labels can be centrally set using categories Yes Yes Yes
Photo bank with 5,000,000 images You can enrich your content with photos from a photo bank, you can choose from 5 million images Yes Yes Yes
Compatible labels for the marketplace If you use a marketplace, you can easily turn on compatible mode and Pobo will ensure compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Priority customer support Priority support via email and phone Yes Yes Yes
Setting and evaluating the first A/B test Measuring and evaluating the impact of labels on orders using an A/B test Yes Yes Yes
Creating the appearance of labels tailored to the e-shop Our coders will create a custom label appearance for you Yes Yes Yes
Uploading Custom Widgets to Pobo Planning Upload HTML templates and create custom widgets Yes Yes Yes
REST API for deploying to your own e-shop Planning Connect any e-shop to Pobo Page Builder via API Yes Yes Yes
PIM Mode Planning PIM mode for managing your entire e-shop in Pobo Page Builder Yes Yes Yes
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