New in Pobo Page Builder - category content and e-shop customization

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Category descriptions and e-shop layout editing

We have added two improvements to Pobo Page Builder:

  1. Category descriptions in test mode
  2. Layout editing module
New in Pobo Page Builder - category content and e-shop customization

1. Category labels

In Pobo Page Builder you can now create nice labels for categories in test mode. In your account, just click on the Categories tab and create any label you want. Creating category labels works on the same principle as creating product labels.

2. E-shop customizer module

This new feature allows you to quickly and efficiently customize the look of your e-shop using cascading CSS styles. The module is ideal for those who are familiar with CSS (or want to learn CSS) and need to quickly adjust, for example, the size, indentation or colors of a specific part of the e-shop.

The advantage of using appearance editing in Pobo Page Builder is:

  1. Simplicity - everything in a few clicks
  2. Efficiency - Pobo Page Builder system shows the changes immediately on the e-shop, without having to upload them somewhere
  3. Fast loading - all the edits are saved (along with the minification) in one file, ensuring minimal size
  4. Availability and protection - edits are uploaded to a fast CDN to ensure efficient loading
  5. Editor with highlighted syntax - CSS editor colors the edits for more efficient code writing

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