Individual appearance adjustments on the e-shop

Customize the look of your e-shop

In Pobo Page Builder you can customize the look of your e-shop. We will show you how to create your first customization and the benefits of the customization feature in Pobo Page Builder.

Creating the first customization

After logging in, click Customizations in the top menu, and you'll see a page with an overview and a button to create a customization. Then we click on the Create New Style button:

Write the first modification

In the modal window, we first fill in the name of the modification and then the custom CSS styles. In our case, we want to change the background color of the main menu - so we write the menu selector and the background color.

We then save the edit and check it on the e-shop. In this way, almost any part can be edited - from color, to size or indentation of elements.

If you need individual editing from us, please email us at with a description of what and how you need to edit.


  • Efficient system that does not require uploading CSS
  • Fast loading of styles (one server request)
  • CSS file hosted on a fast CDN
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of modifications
  • CSS minification (low CSS file size)


  • Required knowledge of CSS styles