Planned features for Pobo Page Builder

Take a look at an overview of planned features which we gradually integrate into Pobo Page Builder.

Bulk adding products to shared descriptions

It will be possible to add products to shared descriptions in bulk by category (with the possibility of filtering).

„David Blaine“




Educational page

An informational page to learn how to write proper labels.

Widgets with buttons and links

Widgets with buttons and the ability to add links will be added to Pobo Pabe Builder.

Multi-language support

Labels will be able to be uploaded to the e-shop with support for multiple languages.

New widgets with ratings and testimonials

New widgets with ratings, references, etc. will be added to the editor.

„David Copperfield“
Connecting to Shopify

We connect Pobo Page Builder to the Shopify platform

„Harry Houdini“
Administration of the facelift

Simplification and clarification of products, categories and articles.

Favourite products and articles

Products and articles can now be added to favourites and filtered.

Error correction

Fixed minor display errors, new footer and header.

Search for categories, articles and shared descriptions

Categories, articles and shared descriptions can be searched in the list by title.

Correction of product control

The modal window with label check is now fixed and working properly.

Automatic translations of labels

Product descriptions, blog articles and categories can now be translated automatically using DeepL.

Connection to the photo bank

In Pobo it will be possible to search and download photos from the photo library.

unkown version
New homepage

New graphics and layout of the main page of the website.

Product description analytics

The new analytics allows you to compare the performance of products without and with Pobo labels.

Faster administration

Administration and transition between pages is now 80% faster.

New widget preview system

So we've added real widget previews to the editor that are easily recognizable at a glance."

Module for modifying the appearance of the e-shop

This new feature allows you to quickly and efficiently create customizations to the appearance of your e-shop using cascading CSS styles.