Downloading and updating products from the e-shop

Downloading products from the e-shop to Pobo Page Builder

Before you start creating product descriptions, you need to download all the products and categories from your e-shop to Pobo Page Builder.

The first thing you need to do is to log into Pobo Page Builder, where you'll see the import and update buttons in the top panel. Click on the first button "Update Products".

Starting the update and downloading changes

After clicking the button, click the green "Download new products and changes from your eshop" button in the modal window. If you want to receive an email with information about the import result, uncheck the "Don't want to send email notifications" option. Pobo Page Builder will then send you the number of imported and deleted products.

Pobo Page Builder will start the following operations within one minute:

  1. Importing newly added products and categories from your e-shop to the administration
  2. Updating the URL and preview images of products and categories
  3. Deleting products and categories that are deleted in the e-shop from the administration

Time required to complete the update

It usually takes no more than 2 minutes to import products. In case the e-shop contains tens of thousands of products, the time may increase to 10 minutes.

Update progress and completion times can be monitored in real time in a table in the modal window.

Can I edit product descriptions during the update process?

Yes, if the products are still being updated, you can close the modal window and edit the product descriptions.

Can I export product descriptions during the update process?

We do not recommend to export descriptions if the update is still in progress. Pobo Page Builder might try to upload a description for a product that no longer exists and and therefore would be deleted during the update (because it no longer exists in your e-shop).