Styling content with Pobo Designer

Styling content using Pobo Designer

The appearance of labels can be completely customized to the appearance of the e-shop. We will show you step by step how to create the look in Pobo Designer.

How Pobo Designer works

We have added a tool called Pobo Designer to Pobo Page Builder, which aims to enable individual appearance of descriptions without any knowledge of stylesheets (CSS) and HTML. The advantage of Pobo Designer is that it maintains the same appearance across all descriptions.

What you can customize in Pobo Designer

  1. Size, indentation, color and line spacing of second and third level headings, paragraphs, tables, lists
  2. Widget spacing
  3. Detailed styling of widgets

Creating the first look

In the administration click on the link Look for descriptions in the top menu, then we will see a page with a button to create a customized look.

A modal window will then open in which we enter the name of the template and select the product on which Pobo Designer will set the appearance and project it to all products.

After saving, the process starts and runs for approximately one minute. After this time, an information message is displayed, below which there is a Edit using wizard, button to click.

Customize e-shop appearance

When you open the wizard, your e-shop will open with a sidebar where you can customize the appearance of the descriptions. We have a choice between typography (headings, text, tables, bullets, ...) and the widgets themselves. For typography we can adjust the font sizes, indentation, colors, line spacing,... For widgets, we can edit identical attributes including the top and bottom indentation of widgets.

When all edits are complete, save the appearance in the changes panel.

Re-editing the appearance

If you need to re-edit an already created appearance, just click on the Start Live Edit Appearance button in the template overview. Then the task will run again and we will edit the appearance.