How we increased sales of the online store

In this short case study, where we helped our client within a relatively short period of time, we will show you how to evaluate changes in design of product pages.

Together with the online store, we performed A/B testing on about 2000 top products. Now we have the first results which we will share with you to demonstrate the impact which just a small change in product pages can have and why it’s important to deal with these landing pages in e-commerce business.

Competitive advantage?

It was necessary to define competitive advantages of the online store and ask important questions. Why should a customer choose this particular store? What does it offer in comparison to the competition? What questions do the customers ask about the products frequently?

In the case of it is definitely:

Results of A/B testing focused on the impact of information and design on product pages performance

Increase +9% in completed orders

Thanks to adding information about their own delivery service and how to contact the seller



The enhanced version includes information about their own delivery service and how to contact the seller.

Testing details

Number of collected visits 56 770
Difference in conversion rate 0,8 %
Difference in number of orders 27

About is an online store selling furniture for children’s bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, living rooms, halls, kitchens, bedrooms, terraces, etc. This segment is rather competitive, especially in e-commerce. And the market competition is constantly increasing.

Therefore, we focused on the advantages of this online store in comparison to the others. In the case of, we highlighted its own delivery service and the fact that they purchase the products directly from the manufacturers which guarantees very good prices to the customers. Currently, they offer more than 9000 products.

Visit online store

Without code or Pobo Page Builder

Pobo is an e-commerce tool which allows you to add text and visual content to product pages. It’s simple and no knowledge of HTML or CSS is needed. Using the tool, you are able to give much more information about a product to your customers and make the purchase easier for them. Moreover, it will help improve your store’s organic search ranking and other aspects of digital marketing.

So what is the main idea behind our tool? From now on, you don’t have to write a single line of code. Everything will be taken care of by the editor – HTML, CSS, fast page loading as well as responsive web design, which identifies what device the site is being displayed on. Another big advantage of the tool are shared descriptions, a feature which helped us set up this test within about 3 hours of work.

A/B Testing Setup –Google Optimize

For the testing we used Google Optimize, a tool which can split the number of visits equally, 50 % vs. 50 %. This tool is used for individual testing and analyzing results, which you can see in Google Analytics.

In this test, all visitors got labelled as either A or B and were classified into one of these two groups.

To user A, an old product description was displayed, while to user B, a new one created in Pobo Page Builder.


Shared descriptions = 20 minutes of work

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