The Most Common Mistakes When Writing Product Descriptions

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The Most Common Mistakes When Writing Product Descriptions

Do you make them too?Good product descriptions can significantly increase your sales. Don't underestimate them and avoid these common errors.

The Most Common Mistakes When Writing Product Descriptions

1. Duplicate descriptions

Avoid copying texts from suppliers or competing e-shops. Stand out from the competition and create an original description for your product. Provide customers with as much information as possible and convince them that you are knowledgeable in the field. Differentiate yourself from other e-shops with an original tone of communication.

2. Cluttered descriptions

When a description is cluttered and difficult to read, it discourages visitors on your e-shop. And that's something you don't want, especially if you put effort into the text and it contains valuable information for customers.

To avoid this, try:

  • Using headings
  • Bold important information and product features
  • Using bullet points for listing benefits
  • Adding product photos or videos

3. Inconsistent structure of descriptions

Once you have refined the structure of your product page, try to use it consistently for similar products. When each product description has a different structure, it can be confusing for customers, especially when comparing features across multiple products. On the other hand, by adhering to a uniform template, visitors to your e-shop will quickly understand where to find specific information.

4. Missing benefits and competitive advantages

What makes your e-shop stand out from the competition? Why should customers shop with you? What are the key advantages of the product? These pieces of information should not be missing from the product page. Instead, they should be prominently displayed. Highlight them in bullet points or visually with attention-grabbing icons.

5. Grammatical and stylistic errors

At first glance, it may seem like an innocent "mistake," but it can undermine your credibility in the eyes of customers. Pay attention to your text and carefully proofread everything. If you feel that writing texts is not your strong suit, consider hiring a proofreader or copywriter who can save you time.

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