How to Write Sustainable Product Descriptions

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How to Write Sustainable Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions is not an easy task, and in this article, we will advise you on how to write sustainable descriptions from a semantic perspective, which is crucial when writing any type of content.

How to Write Sustainable Product Descriptions

1. Avoid underlining anything that is not a hyperlink

In web content, nothing should be underlined unless it is a hyperlink. The reason is simple - people associate underlined text with clickable links, and it can be confusing and off-putting for readers. While most text editors include underlining as a formatting option to resemble programs like Word, intentionally, you won't find this feature in the Pobo Page Builder editor.

Whether you're using our editor or any other, even if you have the option to use this formatting, it's best to avoid it. Website content is not a meeting agenda (where this feature may be justified), and it has its own specific guidelines that are recommended to follow.

2. Avoid full justification

Full justification is a common mistake we see in product descriptions. Full justification is commonly used in newspapers, magazines, or books, but when applied to web content, it reduces readability and can result in awkward word spacing at the end of lines. It is generally recommended to align text to the left or right.

Although our editor allows block formatting for specific cases, we advise against using it as it reduces readability and, in most cases, lacks a meaningful purpose. Again, we emphasize that web texts have their established conventions, which are recommended to follow.

3. Avoid center alignment

How does this text read to you? Quite poorly, right?

Imagine reading center-aligned text like this in all product descriptions or blog posts. It can be visually disorienting and make the text difficult to read. Center alignment should generally be avoided in web content to maintain a consistent and comfortable reading experience.