June news in Pobo Page Builder and plans for summer 2022

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June News in Pobo Page Builder and Plans for Summer 2022

We've added two major new features to Pobo Page Builder from the end of the month that we want to show off.

June news in Pobo Page Builder and plans for summer 2022

1. New homepage

As you know, we have modified the homepage many times, 7 times to be exact :-). For the eighth time we preferred to approach Lukáš Liška, who gave the homepage a fresh look.

2. New section - Analytics (beta version)

We have been thinking for quite a long time how to make it easier for you to evaluate product descriptions. Our goal is that the time you invest in creating content will return in the form of higher sales, so we've added an Analytics section where you'll find six basic metrics:

  1. Product Visits (page view)
  2. Number of sku's in the cart (when leaving the page)
  3. Conversion Rate
  4. Total Time Spent on Site
  5. Average Depth of Doscroll on Product
  6. Average Product Value

In these six metrics, Pobo Page Builder compares the performance of the descriptors, that you create in Pobo with the labels that have not yet been edited (the original ones in the e-store). In the top right corner you can filter the days history.

So you can easily evaluate how effective the new descriptions are o versus the old ones.

Important information: Analytics will be live from June 13, the data displayed in the chart may contain short-term outages.

3. Faster administration

The whole administration has undergone quite significant changes in the last month and along with them the whole application has been made faster. It is now substantially faster to load products, categories and blog posts - speed is our priority and we don't want you to waste time waiting unnecessarily.

4. New widget preview system

Up until now, widgets were displayed in the editor as simple previews, but the clarity was fading.

We have therefore added real widget previews to the editor, which are easily recognizable at a glance. In addition, we added a quick navigation with widget filtering to the top panel.

5. E-shop appearance editing module

This new feature allows you to create e-shop appearance edits very quickly and efficiently using cascading CSS styles. The module is ideal for those who are familiar with CSS (or want to learn CSS) and need to quickly adjust, for example, the size, indentation or colors of a specific part of the e-shop.

The advantage of using appearance editing in Pobo Page Builder is:

  1. Simplicity - everything in a few clicks
  2. Efficiency - Pobo Page Builder system shows the changes immediately on the e-shop, without having to upload them somewhere
  3. Fast loading - all the edits are saved (along with the minification) in one file, ensuring minimal size
  4. Availability and protection - edits are uploaded to a fast CDN to ensure efficient loading
  5. Editor with highlighted syntax - CSS editor colors the edits for more efficient code writing

6. Plans for summer 2022

We haven't updated the planned features page for quite a while, so we decided to add a clearer table with the development plan.

Feature description and added valuePreliminary beta implementation date
Ability to upload custom HTML widgets + styles and widget creation30. June 2022
Ability to create custom alt for images and link interlinkingJuly 30, 2022
Ability to add products in bulk to shared descriptions (with filtering by category/manufacturer)30. August 2022

We are also planning new widgets for the summer, tentatively you can look forward to widgets with ratings and carousels with products.