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We are launching Pobo blog

Today we launched a blog on our website, where we will publish regular articles on copywriting, SEO and linkbuilding.

We will also have regular news and planned features that we are going to launch in our editor in the near future.

Pobo Page Builder spouští blog

What can you look forward to?

1. Multi-language support for products

We plan to deploy multi-language support for products (called "multilang") on September 25-26 during the night hours (during this time Pobo Page Builder will not be available). Czech and Slovak will be available in the basic setup, other languages will be added gradually (or email us at info@pobo.cz with information on which language you need to add).


October 7, 2021 - Translations for long descriptions and shared descriptions are complete

What remains to be done:

  • Translations for product names
  • Translations for short descriptions

2. "Add widget to favorites" function [done]

From internal data we know that you use widgets with identical content very often. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so we add a heart icon to every widget for product posts, blog posts and shared content, which you use to add the widget to your favourites list, which you can then paste anywhere you want. The widget will be added to your favorites including the content, so you won't have to retype the content.

3. Category descriptions

Pobo Page Builder is planned to launch soon for categories, where the editor will allow you to create descriptions just like for products or blog. So you can add interactive content without knowing HTML or CSS, Pobo will take care of everything.